Greenhouse Chat August 2017

Greenhouse Chat August 2017

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

01:10 Leaves losing chlorophyl
05:55 Edema (Blisters) on leaves
09:27 Black lesions on Cattleya leaves
14:52 Cattleya- base of new growths dark
18:10 Oncidium (Odontioda) halted spikes
21:05 Oncidium- decreasing in size and not flowering
28:07 Cooling a greenhouse with evaporative coolers
37:59 Calcium requirements for Vandas
40:03 Brown leaves on Vanda falcata
43:20 Dendrobium- yellow leaves and keikis
46:43 Dendrobium leaf spotting
50:52 Lycaste and scale treatment
53:40 Paphiopedilum leaf problems
56:07 Cattleya- aerial roots
58:57 Oyster shell for Calcium
1:00.08 Insecticidal drench to use before bringing plants in for the winter
1:03.09 Misting fans for cooling
1:05.24 Cattleyas- folded leaves
1:06.19 Phalaenopsis- long spikes in summer
snowy landscape

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