Greenhouse Chat August 2020

Greenhouse Chat August 2020

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.
Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

04:40 Using Orchiata Bark
08:45 Miltoniopsis new growths where they should not be
13:53 Brassia hybrid repotting
16:15 Oncidium leaf spotting
18:08 Cattleya leaf spotting
20:10 Cattleya ring marks on the new growth
22:01 Oncidium discoloring on the pseudobulb
23:52 Moss growing on the surface of the medium
27:29 Cattleya bad spotting on the underside of the leaves
30:23 Growing specimen plants and the challenges
33:39 Cattleya deformed blooms 
37:15 Cattleya yellowing leaves
39:43 Masdevallia dead plant
41:44 Catasetum black spots on the leaves
45:37 Cattleya yellowing of the leaf edges
49:26 High temperatures above 100 and the possible damage
54:28 Using a fungicide on a regular basis
56:15 Phalaenopsis keikis removal and potting them up
57:17 Phalaenopsis repotting a dehydrated plant
1:00:32 What is the oldest recorded orchid plant
1:03:28 Cattleya possible scale
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