Greenhouse Chat December 2020

Greenhouse Chat December 2020

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

06:24 Cattleya damaged pseudobulbs
13:22 Keikis  what is a keiki
16:03 Phalaenopsis leaf damage or infection
20:23 Phalaenopsis bloomed different than before
24:16 bacterial infection (erwinia)
27:24 Cattleya blooms without a lip
30:48 Phragmipedium leaf damage
32:59 Cattleya root damage
35:36 Orchid fly damage to the roots
39:17 Bloom sheaths turning brown
42:19 Phalaenopsis spike branches stuck together
44:21 Vandas black streaking in the leaves
47:28 Broken spike what to do
48:45 Vanda dividing a big plant
52:20 Growing in a bog through the winter
54:53 Cattleya strange growths
56:52 Treating damaged pseudobulbs from mites
58:38 Buying good labels and good label practices
snowy landscape

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