Greenhouse Chat February 2020

Greenhouse Chat February 2020

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.
Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.
05:56   Orchid roots and their make up
10:02   Deformed flowers, what causes this
13:16   Leaf damage and spotting
16:10   Phalaenopsis  Leaf growth different on the same plant
19:22   New growth weak and stunted 
21:12   Photosynthesis  Top and bottom of the leaves?
25:16   Cymbidium viruses 
27:23   Catasetum  where the spikes should come up
28:55   Dendrobium nobile blooming and bloom count
31:20   Stimulating root growth with additives 
33:25   Plant labels how to read them
34:44   Cattleya leaf spotting
38:08   Phalaenopsis leaf bumps and pits
41:11   Dendrobium When to cut the older pseudobulbs
42:40   Ascocenda reblooming
45:12   Cattleya possible stress, new growth is healthy
47:55   Laelia anceps  When to repot
50:44   Bud blast on windowsill plants
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