Greenhouse Chat February 2022

Greenhouse Chat February 2022

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.
Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

05:08 Isolating new plants in your collection
10:06 Vanilla planifolia (orchids in general) damage from heaters
15:40 Miltonia leaves yellowing and falling off
19:09 Fertilizer and rainwater
21:39 BC. Maikai leaf damage and spots
24:17 Repotting a well establish orchid specimen
27:46 Stanhopeas and Gongoras leaf spotting
230:15 Phalaenopsis leaf damage and spotting
33:30 Potassium salt water softener does and don’ts
35:17  Dendrobium leaves falling off
38:02 Disinfecting your tools
39:03 Orchid growths growing sideways and not straight up
43:41  Cattleya with brown dry sheaths
45:44  Paphiopedilum leaf damage
46:47 Oncidium leaf spotting
47:44 Laelia anceps yellowing pseudobulbs
49:07 Dendrobium leaf spotting
50:24 Sarcochilus dehydration
52:52 Dendrochilum wenzelii
53:50 BC. Maikai leaf damage and spots
57:31 Miticides what is best

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