Greenhouse Chat January 2019

Greenhouse Chat January 2019

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

4:42  yellowing foliage on Dendrobium 
6:53  edema on Phal. leaf 
11:20   Phalaenopsis leaf spotting 
15:00  troubleshooting failed hard cane Dendrobium 
18:09  more troubleshooting hard cane Dendrobium culture problems 
22:30  deformed flower causes for Rlc. Triple Love 
27:22  possible causes for sticky black substance on Phal leaves 
31:12  possible causes for Cattleya pseudobulb spotting 
33:07  Miltoniopsis culture needs (suggested article by Rosenfeld in Orchids Magazine) 
36:36  Recommendations for Cal-Mag use 
38:37  Cattleya root rot ---causes and troubleshooting 
41:58  troubleshooting indoor Cymbidium culture 
48:16  troubleshooting culture and leaf spotting for Onc. Sherry Baby 
52:30  Phragmipedium culture requirements 
53:30  sterility of Dracuvallia hybrids 
59:16  Houlettia wallisii ID 
1:03:07  discussion of problematic culture conditions in Iowa orchid room (60F 24/7) 
1:07:10  difficulties with plants near heat registers 
1:08:08  Thiomyl dilution recommendations
snowy landscape

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