Greenhouse Chat July 2022

Greenhouse Chat July 2022

Grow your knowledge and join AOS Education and Science Officer, Ron McHatton, for a fun filled hour  of orchid questions and answers.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

5:48 Moving a collection from Florida to Tennessee
12:49 Phaius keep dying growing in containers
17:00 Vanda wrinkled leaves
24:14 Prosthechea two blooms growing together
28:29 Cattianthe deformed blooms
29:38 Phalaenopsis and low temperatures
32:33 Low E glass
35:38 Software for tracking an orchid collection
38:49 Fungus identification
41:36 Ceramic pots with no holes
44:12 Mounting on cork
47:42 Dividing and how many bulbs needed
51:22 How long will Sphagnum moss last on the shelf
59:22 Cinnamon use on cut leaves and stems

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