Greenhouse Chat March 2021

Greenhouse Chat March 2021

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

05:25  Thrips and their damage to orchids
15:08  Orchids plugs (seedlings) How to grow them
18:36  Rotten roots and repairing them
22:08  Phalaenopsis leaf damage
25:44  Growing under live oak trees and the oak leaf damage
27:21  Bulbophyllum What pots to use
32:14  Keikis How to remove them
36:11  Cattleya amethystoglossa  floppy leaves
38:32   White spots on the foliage
42:15  Dendrobium leaves new growth not opening correctly
44:09  Dendrobium leaves turning yellow
47:02  Repotting while in bloom
48:25  Plastic pots in a ceramic vase
50:23  Maxillaria arbuscula  turning brown and dehydrated
53:45  Heritage fungicide how to buy and use
56:12  Phalaenopsis growing sideways
1:02:07 Hydrogen Peroxide how to store it
1:04:00  Insect growth regulators for thrips

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