Greenhouse Chat May 2018

Greenhouse Chat May 2018

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

3:30 Start
4:11 Discolored Pseudobulbs (fungus)
7:49 Spots on Paphiopedilum leaves
10:56 Angraecum culture
12:54 Root problems (What’s the white stuff growing on my potting mix)
16:10 Water Quality for Cattleyas (ph levels)
20:40 Cattleya problems (bud blast in sheaths)
22:54 Thrips
28:28 Blistering on leaves (high humidity)
30:14 Black spots on Oncidiums
32:56 Ants
35:57 Growing conditions on Oncidium intergeneric
38:00 Aliceara (issues with pseudobulbs and leaves)
40:12 Mealy bugs and Scale (Phalaenopsis)
43:30 Phalaenopsis Problem (thrips and root damage)
45:28 Root tip color
46:12 Roots (dehydration)
47:42 Snails
50:26 Dendrobium problems (Mites, secondary infections and fungal problems
53:08 Watering meter (What is TDS)
54:39 Are thiomyl and Cleary® 3336 the same thing
55:58 Basement growing (swamp cooler)
59:26 Back to thiomyl and Cleary® 3336
1:00.50 Building Greenhouse suggestions for articles
1:02.05 Greenhouse (Low-e glass and twin wall polycarbonate)

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