Greenhouse Chat September 2016

Greenhouse Chat September 2016

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

00:44   Mealybugs and alcohol
03:04   Growing under lights air movement, watering and light time cycle
10:18   Phalaenopsis overwatering and saving the plant
16:20   Orchid labels and what they mean
23:32   Botrytis and thrips
28:28   Mounted orchids on trees
31:04   Phalaenopsis leaf damage
34:21   Sunburned leaves
43:17   Phalaenopsis reblooming
47:26   Fertilizer storage
51:21   Fascinated flower double bloom
54:24   Cutting the spikes
59:34   Using Nutricoat on orchids
1:02:39 Orthene and how to use it

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