Greenhouse Chat September 2018

Greenhouse Chat September 2018

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

00:28   Irrigation and sprinkler systems  
06:30   Repotting and division of a Brassia type  
11:34   Damage and recovery from over watering
14:23   Repotting large specimens  
19:26   How to rebloom my Phalaenopsis  
21:11   How to re-bloom my Cattleyas  
24:28   Growing an Anoectochilus seedling  
26:30   Prosthechea cochleata bloom variance in  
32:12   Purchasing endangered orchid species  
35:55   What is the difference between Cymbidium parishii and Cymbidium sanderae
38:16   Saving a sick Rodriguezia bracteata
43:19   Fertilizer use and safety
46:46   Cinnamon and baking soda as fungicides
50:21   Supplementing calcium and magnesium
54:22   Catasetum culture and how to water
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