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For over 80 years, the American Orchid Society has been dedicated to providing fellow orchid growers with the most comprehensive orchid information on the planet, and continues to be a leading supporter of orchid research and conservation worldwide.

Popular Orchid Care Articles

Wherever you are along your orchid-growing journey, youíre sure to find a few great orchid care articles on the AOS website.

Discover how to grow orchids, water orchids properly and how to repot orchids without damaging the roots.

Learn all about phalaenopsis care or growing dendrobiums, and numerous other popular orchid species and hybrids like cymbidiums, vanda orchids, paphiopedilums and on and on.
You will also find valuable articles covering both prevention and remedies for orchid pests and orchid diseases.

If you are an American Orchid Society member, you have considerably more resources at your disposal making growing orchids even more enjoyable and successful.


The Award-Winning ORCHIDS Magazine

All AOS members receive a complimentary subscription to ORCHIDS magazine. If you aren't already a member, you can still download a free issue of ORCHIDS magazine right now.

Each issue of ORCHIDS magazine is packed with photos of award-winning orchids, interesting articles, how-to advice and so much more.

All AOS members also have access to the digital archive for instant viewing of all issues since January 2013. If you aren't an AOS member yet, join today and get instant access to the digital archive.

FREE Webinars & Greenhouse Chats

Join the global community of orchid-growers on AOS’ one-of-a-kind webinars where the world’s top orchid experts share the latest in orchid research and valuable information on caring for your orchids.

Introduction: Orchids and Their Culture is one of the most watched webinars and the perfect place to start to learn the fundamentals of growing orchids

Could you benefit from expert guidance on caring for Phalaenopsis? See the popular webinar: Growing Phalaenopsis

As an AOS member, you get exclusive access to popular members-only webinars including Orchids: Pests and Their Management, Orchid Nutrition, and many more - all including Q&A chats ready for you to watch right now.

Click here to access the full list of ready-to-watch webinars and be the first to know about upcoming LIVE webinars

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Your support and contributions make possible educational opportunities, orchid conservation and research, and a word-class awards and judging system. For that, we  are incredibly thankful. We humbly ask for your support.

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