Frank Smith
Frank was born and raised in Roseboro, North Carolina a tiny farming community about 100 miles east of Raleigh. For as long as Frank can remember, he has had a love for plants and nature. In his early years, Frank served his country in the United States Navy operating nuclear submarines, and later teaching at the naval nuclear power school in Orlando, Florida. It was during that period in the late1970's that he decided to make a career in the orchid hybridizing and nursery industry. In the late 1970's, Frank Smith and Jim Krull formed Krull-Smith Orchids, Inc. and opened their orchid nursery in Apopka, Florida.

After joining the American Orchid Society in 1975, Frank entered the judging program in 1981. In the mid 1980's he was a member of the American Orchid Society's affiliated society committee, serving as the vice chair of that committee for several years. In 1987, while chairing the Eastern Orchid Congress and Fall AOS Trustees meeting in Orlando, Frank was elevated to the level of accredited AOS judge and has been active in the judging program ever since. He currently participates as an accredited AOS judge in the Florida North Central region.

For most of his years in the orchid world, Frank has tried to focus on educating and encouraging young orchid growers to become more active in the American Orchid Society. While he is proud of the success and=2 0notoriety he has attained in hybridizing, Frank will tell you that his utmost joy comes from the people he has worked with and the friends he has made in this hobby he loves.

In the early 1980's Frank was approached by the Belz family and asked to provide and maintain orchids in the lobby of their new hotel being built in Orlando. This was the beginning of Krull-Smith Landscapes, which has become one of the most successful interior and exterior landscaping companies in Florida. Since that time Frank has designed and installed landscapes at Walt Disney World, on the beaches of South Florida, and all the hotels located at Universal Studios in Central Florida. In addition to the main orchid nursery and Krull-Smith Landscapes, Frank Smith operates several other successful enterprises employing dozens of people and proudly participates in and contributes to numerous community events and causes.

Frank Smith chaired the Spring AOS Members Meeting in Orlando in 2006 and has chaired the membership committee for the American Orchid Society since 2006.