William Zimmerman
Bill has been growing orchids since 1975 and a member of the AOS since 1978. It all started with a white phalaenopsis while visiting Hawaii and the subtle seduction of orchids hasn’t lessened since. His orchid mentor was Gary Baker who taught him much about orchids including hybridizing and growing plants, as well as a manner of working in the orchid world with a sense of humor and questioning the status quo.

He grew orchids for 20 years outside of the local society environment until one day he decided to exhibit a few plants in a show. The Tacoma Orchid Society was gracious enough to allow him to put his plants in their exhibit and the result was two AOS awards. The hook was set, he became a member of their society and a year later became the President for three years. Then the AOS Judging system beckoned, he was asked to be a Student Judge in 1997 and finally became fully accredited in 2004. He became the Judging Chair for the Pacific Northwest Judging Center beginning in January 2008 and has continued that function which will ended in December 2012, a term of five years.

His orchid collection is that of a hobbyist, varied with an emphasis on cooler growing genera including Pleurothallids, Miltoniopsis, Sophronitis and many other species, and also a good collection of paphiopedilums and phragmipediums. He has many AOS awards including 2 FCC’s.

He is active in Judging and lectures on facets of orchid growing especially historical trends in hybridizing of Miltoniopsis, Phragmipedium and Paphiopedilum. He lives in the suburbs of Seattle with his very understanding wife Pattie, goodendoodle Gracie, two parrots and a small tropical fish breeding operation.

Bill graduated from the University of Puget Sound (a private college in Tacoma) with a BA in International Business in 1977, and has worked in various related businesses in export, import and logistical functions. While dealing with government agencies, he has learned the skill of patience in working in difficult frameworks while maintaining profitability. Hopefully these skills will prove valuable for the future of the AOS. Other interests include sports, politics, wine, and reading.