Pot 'til You Drop

1. an organic media
4. seedlings from flask are usually planted in a --
6. container often used for vandas
7. place oldest ones against edge of pot
8. mealy bugs, scale, aphids
9. all cutting blades must be --
10. often used for good drainage
11. old organic media does this
12. a sterilizing tool
13. a technique of propagation
14. removing dried sheaths
17. orchid pots are usually clay or --
19. a lack of this causes root rot
20. identifies plant
22. the production of new --- is a good time to repot
23. they give support to tall plants
2. to use too small a container
3. holds rhizome in place
5. a monopodial orchid
9. Cattleya is this type of orchid
10. often used media for Phals
15. to use too big a container
16. an inorganic potting media
18. pieces of broken clay pot
21. a plantlet
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provided by the American Orchid Society