Greenhouse Chat August 2014

Greenhouse Chat August 2014

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

04.06        Nodes on Paphiopedilums [aborted root tips]
06.16        Brown tips on Dendrobium chrystoxum [dehydration]
08.22        Bark or Soil - What orchids require to grow
13.38        Yellow leaves on Miltoniopsis
15.54        Can Phyton 35 be substituted for Phyton 27 as a fungicide/bactericide
16.58        To what species are the Phyton products phototoxic
18.46        What causes a phalaenopsis to produce a terminal flower spike
20.42        How do I know when to repot?
22.13        Leaf spots on Dendrobiums
24.14        Spray new plants prophylactically?
26.18        Ants
27.27        Cleaning clay and plastic pots
29.07        Grow orchids in ceramic pots?
30.08        Cymbidiums planted in ground in Southern California
31.28        Black marks on cymbidium leaves
32.29        Double blooms on phalaenopsis
33.18        Effect of night security lights on blooming
34.53        Edema on Odontobrassia leaves
36.59        Phalaenopsis growing at an angle in pot
38.46        Fear of repotting a phalaenopsis
40.46        Bud blast on Cattleya bicolor
42.04        Paphiopedilum fairrieanum rust spots on leaves
43.13        Taking seedlings out of flasks
46.10        Fungal damage on phalaenopsis leaves
48.00        Blue Phalaenopsis
51.30        Judging blue genetically engineered Phalaenopsis
54.15        Best way to clean phalaenopsis leaves
56.29        Ratio of alcohol, Formula 409 and water for pests control
67.45        Bub blast on Phalaenopsis
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