Greenhouse Chat July 2014

Greenhouse Chat July 2014

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

05.42     Watering and Potting: Indoor Growing
12.03     Potting media
14.57     Potting Additives
16.28     Can I grow Habenaria and Dracula Orchids in South Florida
18.23     After my orchids bloom I often repot them and have poor to fatal results. What am I doing wrong
24.16     Secrets to get oncidiums to bloom
25.52     What orchids would survive both the summer heat and the winter cold?
27.28     Light for Orchid
28.38     Magnesium deficiency
31.08     How to create different temperature zones in a greenhouse
33.34     Fungal infections due to moisture maintained by sheaths
35.46     Use of cinnamon on orchids
36.55     What to do with Phalaenopsis until they rebloom
38.41     Repotting to replace air roots into the media
41.41     Phalaenopsis leaves become thick and rubbery before dropping off
43.57     Phalaenopsis leaves splitting
47.01     Brown sheath on Prosthechea
48.50     Fungal versus bacterial infection
52.22     Why are hybrids more tolerant than species to tap water
54.33     Oncidium leaf color
55.45     Parrot eating orchid leaves
56.59     What are the best orchids to grow in a home?
57.49     How to and when to repot
1.00.21  Is a drop in temperature to 55 degrees necessary to get paphs and phrags to bloom?
1.02.52  Retained water in pot using semi-hydroponic system
1.04.27  Wine corks as substrate to grow orchids
1.06.22  Suggestions of substrates to use for cattleyas
local nurseries Hydrate Feed Enjoy! rePotme - 4 pics - Shop for Orchids You'll Love pink flowers in photo

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