Greenhouse Chat August 2015

Greenhouse Chat August 2015

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to to watch or listen to those topics.

01:04    High temperatures and humidity
05:15    Water, distilled, vs tap water, vs rain water, run off from gutters
11:22    Light levels and flowering, vandas
13:10    PH levels for water, medium and fertilizer
18:08    Fertilizing, when and how much
21:43    Most effective way to fertilize
25:24    Roots, and how far above the bark should the crown be
28:18    MealyBugs
31:20    Mealybugs and white scale (boisduval scale), pesticides
35:35    Native orchid epipactis helleborine
37:51    My orchids are dying, can you help
40:53    Itsy-Bitsy flies, fungus gnats
42:56    Will tinted poly carbonate (or glass) cause orchids to grow poorly
45:25    Miltoniopsis culture
47:00    Temperature - Clay pots versus plastic
49:49    Worm casting as fertilizer
51:35    Treating and preventing Black rot
55:49    When to repot Oncidium and Odontoglossum and what media
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