Greenhouse Chat February 2015

Greenhouse Chat February 2015

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

02:33   Fertilizers – MSU vs Dyna-Gro vs organic
08:42   Spraying buds and blooms
12:23   Can Neem Oil be applied to roots and leaves
15:22   Mealy bugs – can they be defeated
19:05   Should I spray newly purchased plants prophylactically
20:54   To what species are Phyton products phytoxic
21:47   Is there something I should apply to cut spikes to avoid disease
22:34   How do I care for my Dendrobium
25:28   Do different species have different watering requirements
26:46   Yellow leaves
29:27   Do Cattleyas have rest periods
31:38   Why is my Cattleya growing sideways
33:09   Cattleyas grown under lights are not blooming
38:34   How do I know when to repot
41:54   Bulbophyllums – necrosis on older leaf tips
44:48   Buds don’t open or flowers wilt
47:52   Cattleya bicolor buds won’t open
49:33   Can’t get Brassavola nodosa to bloom
52:45   Do many people water their orchids with special water
55:45   What causes leaf tip die back
58:39   If you have pests in greenhouse, shouldn’t you be more concerned about ridding the pests versus saving the flowers
01:02:40   How can I get my water tested to determine what I have
01:04:55   If I’m using Orchiata, can I go longer than 1 year with my paphs before repotting
01:06:45   Translucent pots
01:18:25    Are there recommended mass market orchid growers
01:21:20   What about the moss that grows on the inside of the pot wall
01:23:40   Dendrochilum culture
01:25:50   Cattleyas – old growths are shriveling while front growths are plump
pink flowers in photo

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