Greenhouse Chat June 2015

Greenhouse Chat June 2015

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to to watch or listen to those topics.

00:01 Cupping Phalaenopsis leaves
03:28 Ant
06:55 Summering Orchids Outdoors
10:56 Terrarium Growing
14:56 Cooling Greenhouses
20:19 Draculas
22:35 Hard Water
24:46 Tap Water and Chlorine
26:23 Repotting
29:19 Cymbidium medium
31:55 Pots and Medium and Reblooming
38:21 Styrofoam peanuts
43:13 Fertilizer- Seaweed
44:46 Fertilizing
50:18 Shag-n-bag
58:20 Overmisting
1:00.46 Cockroaches- Palmetto bugs
1:01.37 Media that has worm or millipedes in it
1:02.44 Spring Water and Distilled Water
1:03.44 Cypress mulch as media
1:05.28 Red Spidermites
1:08.46 Sphag-n-bag continued
1:10.50 Cooling walls- Wet pads
1:12.21 Inorganic potting media in humid conditions
1:17.19 Wardian/Victorian small Greenhouses for growing indoors

White Greenhouse

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