Greenhouse Chat October 2015

Greenhouse Chat October 2015

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to to watch or listen to those topics.

01:10     Grammatophyllum multiflorum var. multiflorum (scriptum var. citrinum) leaf drop
06:16    Temperature difference – what plants blooms that do not need a big day/night temperature difference
09:35     Cattlleya care in a home environment
12:56    Cattleya – do they need cool temperatures at night to bloom
17:16    Cattlleya – what causes sheaths to dry, or be empty, blind sheath
21:53    Why do some cattleya leaves, bend, twist
26:07    Phalaenopsis keiki care, can you, should you divide
31:11     Blooming and light, proper light levels for Phalaenopsis in home not blooming
36:29    To repot or not, when to repot, use of clear pot, media
40:22    Potting – use of Styrofoam peanuts and other methods of drainage
43:09    Fertilizing – why do we have to fertilize, can we grow without it
44:44    Aerangis growing well, never bloomed
47:48    Orchids roots tipped in black, won’t grow past an inch or so
53:01    Fungus, root rot, over watering, watering too late in the day
58:19    Big headed ants in Florida
59:50    Do cool humidifiers grow mold, bad for orchids
1:00:46    Miltoniopisis culture, root rot, do they like to stay dry
1:02:40    Slow release or water soluble fertilizer, why urea free
1:04:37    What is the best potting medium for Epidendrum
1:06:36    vanda has never bloomed, proper light level for vandas
1:09:01    Tips for blooming Grammatophyllum
1:10:27    Greenhouse floor recommendations
1:11:45    Orchid rooted to tree, can it be moved, or remounted, use of cake knife
1:15:38    Gas exchange in roots, how long can you submerge a plant in water
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