Dendrochilum longibulbum

Posted on Jan 18, 2010

Awarded at Sumner, WA 01/16/2010Dendrochilum longibulbum, award 20104702, has been confirmed to be Dendrochilum longibulbum by SITF(Feb 2010) with assistance of Henrik Pedersen. You can now process t...

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Dendrochilum cootesii

Posted on Dec 29, 2009

Dendrochilum cootesii alba, no award number, date or any other information given, just pictures, has beed confirmed tobe Dendrochilum cootesii by SITF (Jan 2010). You can now process the award.

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Dendrochilum niveum

Posted on Nov 24, 2009

Approximately 530 flowers and 210 buds on up to 34 cm arched inflorescences from a plant in a eight cm pot; unifoliate-lanceolate leaves up to 28 cm X 2.9 cm; petioles salmon proximally; new growths ...

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Dendrochilum simile

Posted on Mar 31, 2009

This is the message that accompanied the original photographs:Below are 4 variously detailed photos of my Dendrochilum simile that was awarded a provisional CBR/AOS this past Saturday at the Huntsvill...

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