Acineta beyrodtiana determined to be Acineta cryptodonta

Acineta beyrodtiana determined to be Acineta cryptodonta

Howard Ginsberg has asked me to send the attached material (award description and images) with the hope that they will be sufficient to establish identification of the plant presented as Acineta beyrodtiana 'Jardin botanique de Montréal' and provisionally awarded an 83 point CHM under 20095758 in Québec City on April 18, 2009. I would appreciate knowing the outcome of this identification. Michael MacConaill AOS Awards Photographer Toronto Supplemental Judging Center, Montréal.

Acineta beyrodtiana (Award 20095758) has been determined to be Acineta cryptodonta by SITF, Dec 2009, with assistance of Eric Christenson, Günter Gerlach, and Rudolph Jenny. Christenson and Jenny, using Christenson’s classification (Orchid Digest 2006), believe this specimen to be Acineta cryptodonta, and feel that Acineta beyrodtiana is a synonym of Acineta cryptodonta. Gerlach, using his own classification scheme felt the proper name for this plant is Acineta antioquia.


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