Acrorchis roseola

Acrorchis roseola

Dear Sirs: I received a provisional CHM/AOS at the Chicago Mini Show on Sat. 10.11/09 for Acrorchis roseola 'Mountainside' Dressler 1090 (a monotypic genus from Costa Rica and Panama) Now I need a proper ID. Ron McHatton spoke to the Wisconsin Orchid Society on 10/04/09 and said that ID's were now done by a team of experts. Now that Selby wasn't doing them. I will try to attatch some digital photos that I took today. I think that they a not the proper size to send, but my digital skills leave a lot to be desired. Please try to ID the plant for me. I have to send the results to the Chicago center and James Spatzek.
Best regards, Walter Crawford

Here's a url for the original description in Orquidea:

Award # 20092917
Place: Glenco Date:10/10/09
Name of plant: Acrorchis roseola
Clonal Name: 'Mountainside'
Parentage: species
Previous awards received by this plant: none
Has the plant been submitted previously for AOS judging of the same inflorescence? No
Width in cm Length in cm
Natural spread: Horiz 1.3 Vert 1.3
Dorsal Sepal: 0.5 0.7
Petal: 0.4 0.4
Lateral Sepal (Syns) 0.5 0.7
Lip (pouch) 0.6 0.5
Seven flowers and two buds on nine terminal inflorescences; plant 14x16 cm on a cork slab; stems oxblood to 10cm; leaves alternate, lanceolate 0.5x1.5; sepals pale pink; petals and lip white; Keels golden yellow; substance firm; texture crystaline; Species from Mexico, recognized for colorful stems on a miniature plant with contrasting flowers.
Award CHM and score 82
Chairman's Signature;
LeRoy Peterson
Exhibitor Name and Address;
Walter Crawford
303 So 63rd St
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Acrorchis roseola, Award # 20092917, has been confirmed to be Acrorchis roseola by SITF, Oct 2009. You can now process the award.


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