Aerides-maculosa-Mary-Motes-CHM/AOS-2021-05-16***Confirmed as Aerides maculosa (Sep 2021); matches photos in IOSPE and OW; A. maculosa is similar to A. multiflora and A. rosea, differing in the vegetation and the auriculate sidelobes and undulate, flat midlobe as described in Bechtel et al, 1981, "Manual of Cultivated Orchids"; a description may be found in India Biodiversity Portal (; this plant matches this description and photos.***

Judging Center: FCJC

Award Number: 20212863

Award Date: May 15, 2021

Awarded As: Aerides maculosa 'Mary Motes' CHM/AOS

Plant was obtained from an Australian source 20 years ago. It was declared and detained at customs and then released. The species affinity to both Aer. multiflora and Aer. rosea but is clearly vegetatively distinct from both with longer, softer, thinner leaves than the former and longer more narrow leaves than the latter. Side lobes obovoid white basally deep rose 0.3 long by 0.2 broad. Lip attached to a prominent column foot.

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 32 cm tall by 30 cm broad

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: 10

Plant > Leaf Length: 26.5 arched downward

Plant > Leaf Width: 2.5

Plant > Leaf Margin: entire, apex shallowly, unequally bilobed

Inflorescence > Distance from base of inflorescence to first bud or branch: Rachis 15 cm Peduncle 28 cm

Inflorescence > distance between flowers along inflorescence: -0-

Inflorescence > Ovary Length: 0.9

Inflorescence > Ovary Width: 0.1

Inflorescence > Ovary Shape: Ribbed

Flower > Column Length: 0.4

Flower > Column Width: 0.2

Flower > Column Color: white

Flower > Anther Cap Color: White- beaked



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