Anathallis-sanchezii-2023-11-05 *SITF confirms that this plant is Anathallis sanchezii (Nov 2023).

This plant was identified with the help of the taxonomist, Alexander Hirtz, taxonomist of record who along with Carl Luer described the species Anathallis sanchezii. This plant matches the description of the column which is winged above the middle, denticulate at the apex with the anther, rostellum and stigma hooded and ventral. The leaves show some maroon coloration underneath. Matches photos of A. sanchezii in, the IOSPE and OW. The species appears to be somewhat variable in color.

Judging Center: Toronto Judging Centre

Award Number: 20236776

Award Date: October 07, 2023

Awarded As: Anathallis sanchezii

Refer to attached pdf file for measurement and description details



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