Ascocentrum aurantiacum var. luteum

Ascocentrum aurantiacum var. luteum

Ascocentrum aurantiacum var. Luteum
'Mary Motes' CHM/AOS, 85pts
Exhib: Motes Orchids
Florida-Caribbean judging; 11-28-09

Ascocentrum aurantiacum var. luteum, award 20097582, has been confirmed to be Ascocentrum aurantiacum subsp. philippinense(yellow form) by SITF(Feb 2010). You can now process the award.


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There is no variety luteum of Ascocentrum aurantiacum. Ascocentrum aurantiacum ranges in color from bright orange to yellow orange. The variety status was given by Martin Motes to distinguish a lighter yellow flower. This may actually represent Ascocentrum aureum which was recently rediscovered. Both are very similar and close inspection is required for proper identification.


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