Baptistonia kautskyi

Baptistonia kautskyi

Baptistonia kautskyi (Pabst) V.P.Castro & Chiron, Richardiana 4: 118 (2004).This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Gomesa kautskyi (Pabst) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams, Ann. Bot. (Oxford) 104: 397 (2009).

Award 20122193

Gomesa kautskyi ‘Colibri’ CHM score 83

Three hundred fifty flowers and one bud on 3 multi-branched pendulant inflorescences, up to 42 cm long, coming from 2 lead elliptic, slightly flattened, pseudobulbs, 2 cm wide by 6.5 cm long each with 1-2 leaves 5 cm x 12.3 cm long, in clay pot in moss; dorsal sepal ovate, lateral sepals fused; petals spatulate; sepals and petals yellow overlaid brown; lip pandurate, cream with red brown spots; substance firm, texture mate; awarded as Baptistonia kautskyi.

I don't have the award photos yet, but there is enough in this photo to confirm this one...if you use my book ;)

Baptistonia kautskyi , award 20121293, has been confirmed to
be Gomesa kautskyi by SITF (Nov. 2012). 



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