Brassavola reginae

Brassavola reginae

Brassavola reginae Pabst, Bradea 2: 288 (1978).

I got an award on Brassavola reginae Pabst today. This species is somewhat controversial as some authors consider it syn. with Brassavola cebolleta. Kew recognizes it as a seperate species as do others. Of interest would you go to Brassavola cebolleta "Fuchs" awarded in 1986. It is obvious that this is misidentified as reginae/cebolleta is a single flowered species. That plant is probably perinii. Therefore the award should be corrected which leaves a reginae/cebolleta open for a CBR. I have attached photos and description. Better photos on the 2 page description form will be sent to you along with the award photos which are better on mine. I will try to call you to discuss this.

Dave Hunt

Award 20112312, Huston

Brassavola reginae, Award 20112312, has been confirmed to be Brassavola reginae by SITF (July 2011) with assistance by Cássio van den Berg. 


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