Brassia-wageneri-2023-11-06 SITF confirms that this plant is Brassia wageneri (Nov 2023).

Identification is based on the detailed description of the callus having two parallel, thick keels, the basal portion with a high rounded base and obliquely triangular leading edge. There are two erect oblong, obtuse-rounded teeth on the apical portion which are taller than the basal portion. These teeth appear distinctly in photos of B. wageneri found in, IOSPE and OW. This plant is an excellent match to the illustration in Garay and Dunsterville, Vol. 1 of the Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated. There is also a good description of B. wageneri by Baker and Baker in the OW.

Judging Center: Cincinnati

Award Number: 20232726

Award Date: September 10, 2023

Awarded As: Brassia wageneri

Judging team feels that the plant with prior CBM/AOS award (19750608) appears to be a different species.



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