Catasetum-osakadianum-2019-05-09***Verified (May 2019)

Judging Center: Toronto

Award Number: 20196202

Award Date: January 05, 2019

Awarded As: Catasetum osakadianum

Flower Natural Spread Length: 3.8

Flower Natural Spread Width: 4.5

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Length: 2.8

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Width: 0.8

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Length: 2.7

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Width: 1.0

Flower > Petals Length: 0.7

Flower > Petals Width: 2.7

Flower > Lip or Pouch Length: 1.2

Flower > Lip or Pouch Width: 1.2


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