Cattleya colnagoi has been determined to be (most likely) Cattleya milleri

Cattleya colnagoi has been determined to be (most likely) Cattleya milleri








 20142811  C. colnagoi Rocky mountain




Cattleya colnagoi (Chiron & V.P.Castro) Van den Berg, Neodiversity 3: 6 (2008).

This name is accepted.





Please make sure you have included everything listed here, if the measurement is appropriate to the species you have awarded.  Remember that a CBR/CHM to a new species previously not recorded by the AOS demands a full description of the plant!








For samples of shape, margin, etc., please see The Descriptive Terminology for the Orchid Judge in AQ+.  Remember the more information you can provide, the easier the process should be for everyone involved! Drawings are acceptable if you can scan them and submit them to us via email.  If caudae are included, then the overall segment measurements should be recorded including the caudae and then the caudae length measured separately and recorded.  




In addition to the flower measurements as indicated on the Award Form, please also record these:


Leaf:                length  8.1       width   2.8                   shape   lanceolate        margin entire


Leaf petiole:    length 0


Size of growth (pseudobulb/ramicaul/stem):  length  4.4       width/diameter 1.5      shape conical


Distance between growths:  0


Rhizome:         diameter                      distance between nodes


Root and root tip color if visible:


Quality of roots if visible: fine/medium/coarse fine               diameter if possible


Inflorescence:  length  26.9                 diameter                      arrangement  raceme


Peduncle:        length                          color                            shape cylindrical


Sterile bracts:  number                        length                          width                           color


Pedicel            :           length  3.5                   color                            texture


Distance between pedicels:


If you cannot separate the ovary and pedicel, then measure them together.


Floral bracts:   length  .2                     width   0.2                   color




                        Natural Spread:                       length  4.7                   width  3.9


Dorsal sepal:                            length  2.6                   width 0.7


                        Lateral sepals or synsepal:       length  2.5                   width 0.7


                        Caudae length only:                dorsal                          lateral                          petal


                        Petals:                                      length  2.7                   width  0.5


                        Lip or pouch:                           length  2.4                   width  2.0


                        Ovary:                                     length  2.0                   width   0.3       shape cylindrical


                                                                        color    green basally, orange distally  texture satin                 







Cattleya colnagoi , award 20142811,

has been determined to be (most likely) Cattleya milleri by SITF (Sept




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