Cattleya patinii

Cattleya patinii***Verified (Feb 2014), this species is now recognized as Guarianthe hennisiana (June 2019)***

Cattleya patinii Cogn. in C.A.Cogniaux & A.P.G.Goossens, Dict. Icon. Orchid., Cattleya: t. 25 (1900).This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Guarianthe patinii (Cogn.) Dressler & W.E.Higgins, Lankesteriana 7: 38 (2003).

National capital 20115938

no other photos taken, I have asked for at least a photo of the plant.  Was told "They did not take a picture of the whole plant. I guess the reason why is the is that the only distinguishing trait for this “species” is flowering time. I guess they figured the measurements were enough. I can ask the exhibit for an image of the whole plant if needed" Rob Griesbach

sent 2/2014

Cattleya patinii ,
has been confirmed  to be
Guarianthe patinii by SITF (Feb 2014).


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