Caucaea-nubigena-var-mimetica-CHM-(Provisional)-2020-10-18***Determined to be Caucaea sanguinolenta, not C. nubigena var. mimetica (Nov 2020); C. nubigena var. mimetica is the same as C. mimetica, which is synonymous with C. sanguinolenta; C. nubigena is a separate species; determination is based on the "bleeding" spots on the lip for which C. sanguinolenta is named and the five tubercles (hump-like) keels arranged in three rows on the callus at the base of the lip, a distinct key characteristic of C. sanguinolenta and easily seen on this plant; this matches Charles Baker's description in OW and with available photos; the flower size also closely matches C. sanguinolenta as well.***

Judging Center: NEJC Frelinghuysen

Award Number: 20204879

Award Date: October 17, 2020

Awarded As: Caucaea nubigena var mimetica CHM (Provisional)


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