Ceratostylis senilis

Ceratostylis senilis

Ceratostylis senilis Rchb.f., Otia Bot. Hamburg.: 54 (1878).This name is accepted.

Distribution: Philippines

Northeast Region     AOS # 20114219.    CBR
Award Description:
Sixteen beautifully proportioned flowers and 7 buds on 23 1.5 cm inflorescences arising from bracts borne at the base of the .6 cm wide x 11.2 cm long semi-terete leaves, robust, caespitose plant mounted on a 13 x 9 cm cork slab; sepals and petals white, recurved at apex, sepals pubescent on reverse; lip white, prominent translucent nectary; substance fair, texture matte; recognized as an an attractive diminutive species endemic to the Phillippines distinct from other previously AOS-recognized species in the genus Ceratostylis.

Ceratostylis senilis , award # 20114219, has been confirmed to be Ceratostylis senilis by SITF (Dec 2011). 


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