Chiloschista sweelimii

Chiloschista sweelimii

Chiloschista sweelimii Holttum, Orchid Rev. 74: 147 (1966).

Chiloschista sweelimii 'Captivating Joyce', CBR/AOS Award Number 20115100 Orlando Florida 1/18/2011 Natural Spread 1.1cm horizontal x 1.1cm vertical Dorsal Sepal 0.6cm wide x 0.5cm long Petals 0.5cm wide by 0.5cm long Lateral sepals 0.5cm wide by 0.5cm long lip 0.4cm wide by 0.5cm long

Nineteen full, round flowers spaced out on five inflorescences up to 11cm long on a leafless plant grown on a 5-cm by 10-cm moss plaque; sepals and pteals chartreuse overlaid by evenly distributed, distinct brown spots; lip saccate, creamy white, small burgundy dots on side lobes; substance firm; texture matte; noted for rarity and educational value; species native to Peninsular Malaysia.

Chiloschista sweelimii, Award Number 20115100, has been confirmed to be Chiloschista sweelimii by SITF (Jan 2010).



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