Chrysoglossum ornatum-2020-02-15***Confirmed as Tainia latifolia subsp. elongata, not Chrysoglossum ornatum (May 2020); the shape of the pseudobulbs and articulation of the leaf petiole to the bulb apex and the lack of column horns or wings support the Genus Tainia; this plant matches the drawing and description of T. latifolia in the "Flora of China"; it is an acceptable match to the dimensions of the flower parts and the length of the inflorescence and pseudobulbs; the origin of this plant is stated to be from Java and the form endemic to Java and Sumatra is Tainia latifolia subsp. elongata.***

Judging Center: NEJC Frelinghuysen

Award Number: 20204865

Award Date: February 15, 2020

Awarded As: Chrysoglossumornatum


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