Cleisocentron gokusingii determined to be Cleisocentron merrillianum

Cleisocentron gokusingii ***With the help of Andy Phillips this award has been identified as Cleisocentron gokusingii (Wood & Lamb).***

Cleisocentron gokusingii J.J.Wood & A.L.Lamb, Malesian Orchid J. 1: 88 (2008).

This name is accepted.

Eighteen flowers and approximately one hundred and twenty-five buds on eight inflorescences on a 21cm wide by 58 cm tall monopodal plant; three blooming mature keikeis and four non-blooming basal keikeis, grown in a 10cm round treefern pot; leaves semi-terete to 12 cm long; flowers translucent concolour light grey-blue; lip with deep blue central "T" basal into 1.0cm nectary; anther cap white; substance firm; texture crystaline.

CHM 20151372 from Toronto

NS 1.5 vert x 0.5 cm, including nectary

DS 0.5 x 0.3

PT 0.5 x 0.2

LS 0.6 x 0.35

LP 1.0 x 0.5 including nectary

gokusingii, award 20151372
, has
been determined to be Cleisocentron merrillianum by SITF (sept 2015). 


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I'm certain that if you presented this ID determination to Anthony Lamb (the taxonomist who clarified the distinctions between these two) he would say that this is Cleisocentron gokusingii and not merrillianum.

True merrillianum is so rare in cultivation and diagnostic images between the two species online are even more rare. Once one sees true merrillianum it's easy to tell them apart.

C. gokusingii leaves shape will vary greatly within wild and cultivated plants based on conditions (especially light intensity), but merrillianum leaves are always terete. C. merillianum will not grow vertical on its own, it has a very lax habit, whereas C. gokusingii is a decidedly upright grower.
by your definition of the species the type specimen of merrillianum is a gokusingii these are the types and isotypes

if you email me I can send you the type desription


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