Clowesia-thylaciochila-2023-01-03 *SITF has confirmed this plant as Clowesia thylaciochila (Jan 2023); correct based on the three ridges in the base of the throat, the column narrow at the base, greatly dilated with rounded wings towards the apex with a lobed apical wing like appendage; very similar to C. russelliana, but the boat-shaped lip pouch in C. thlaciochila extends to the rear so that it nearly touches the flower stem instead of projecting forward as in  C. russelliana; reference Wiard's Orchids of Mexico, McVaugh's Vascular plants of Western Mexico and la Croix's 2008 New Encyclopedia of Orchids.*

Judging Center: Pacific South - San Dielgo

Award Number: 20225793

Award Date: July 05, 2022

Awarded As: Clowesia thylaciochila

PDF versions of the forms have been attached along with the images.



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