Coelia densiflora (Coelgyne) determined to be Coelogyne multiflora

Coelia densiflora (Coelgyne) determined to be Coelogyne multiflora

Approximately 80 cupped flowers and 364 buds spirally arranged on eight erect inflorescences to 31 cm; plicate leaves to 8.8 cm wide by 62 cm long on 23 ovoid pseudobulbs on robust 108 cm diameter by 107 cm tall plant grown in bark in 90 cm diameter plastic pot; sepals and petals white, reverse with minute black pubescences; lip white stippled mahogany, ruffled midlobe, double keels yellow, prominent triangular side lobes overlaid mahogany;  column white, anther cap margin mahogany; substance firm; texture crystalline; recognized for horticultural merit and breeding potential; . Provisional

20151896  PNW

. Coelia densiflora, award 20151896, has been determined to be Coelogyne multiflora by SITF (May 2015)



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