Coelogyne-mossiae-2023-03-14 *SITF has determined this plant is not Coelogyne mossiae, but most likely is a hybrid, possibly Coelogyne Unchained Melody (Mar 2023).

Over many years there has been a series of mistaken identities which mixed up Coelogyne mossiae with several other species. Based on the description and photo in an article in Researchgate, "The True Coelogyne mossiae" by Schuiteman and Perry, this plant does not match the true C. mossiae. C. mossiae should have relatively short, broad leaves; Christenson pointed out in 2008, plants of the hybrid C. Unchained Melody (C. cristata x C. flaccida) were often mistakenly labeled as C. mossiae or C. grandulosa. According to the Schuiteman-Perry article, this hybrid has much larger, floppier flowers than C. mossiae with three deeply fringed keels on the lip. C. mossiae plants grow in a near alpine environment as stunted, hard plants with broad, petiolate, rather sharply pointed leaves. The photo in the IOSPE matches the true C. mossiae, which may be relatively rare in cultivation.

Judging Center: CSNJC

Award Number: 20232265

Award Date: March 01, 2023

Awarded As: Coelogyne mosiae

Plant was obtained at an orchid society auction; origin of plant unknown.
Flower fragrance is akin to a locker room or dirty socks, but a little more pleasant.


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