Cymbidium-tracyanum-2020-03-13***Confirmed as Cymbidium tracyanum (Apr 2020); this plant is consistent with a polyploid C. tracyanum; C. tracyanum is the only species in the group with very long hairs on the crests, as well as the side lobe margins and the body of the midlobe, as does this flower.***

Judging Center: Pacific Central

Award Number: 20205250

Award Date: January 24, 2020

Awarded As: Cymbidium tracyanum

Comment from the exhibitor:

The main characteristic of this plant which might explain the deviation from the norm for the species is that it is a 4N and not a 2N. In that respect, my plant is very similar to the 4N tracyanums I have seen in pictures from Australia. See the article about tracyanum from Randal Robinson of a few years ago, which includes several pictures of 4N tracyanum.

I bought this plant as a sprouted backbulb from somehone who himself got it from Andy Easton. From what I have read about AE breeding, this tracyanum is coming from the 3rd generation in this line of breeding. Please note that Barry Zimmerman did a sib-cross of the F1 (first generation) of that breeding line and the progeny came true as tracyanum (these were 2N tough). The cultivar 'Stirling Dark' which was awarded and 'Stirling Sweet' are a good example of the F1 line.


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