Dendrobium-kingianum-var-alba-2020-03-01***Determined not to be Dendrobium kingianum; confirmed as Dendrobium Specio-kingianum (Mar 2020); the arrangement and habit of the inflorescence is wrong for D.  kingianum, as is the shape of the pseudobulbs and the leaves; it is likely to be the man made hybrid with D. speciosum, and not a collected, natural hybrid based on the Jardin's collection records.***

Judging Center: Toronto

Award Number: 20206888

Award Date: February 08, 2020

Awarded As: Dendrobium kingianum var alba

Approximately 1000 strongly sweetly scented ivory white flowers evenly displayed radially on 36 arched inflorescences, up to 30-cm, on 27 flowering canes, up to 25-cm high and 1.5-cm wide, on a robust 90 cm wide by 43 cm high plant in a 30-cm plastic pot; leaves lanceolate measuring up to 16-cm long by 4-cm wide, up to 5 leaves per cane at apex; flowers cupped; lateral sepals form stubby mentum with soft yellow disc at tip; petals narrow; lip triobed, midlobe spade-shaped, side-lobes rounded, callus between sidelobes soft yellow centrally; substance firm; texture crystalline.

Suspicion that this is actually the hybrid of kingianum alba and speciosum so SITF confirmation requested.


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