Dendrobium-puniceum-2020-10-09***Confirmed as Dendrobium puniceum (Nov 2020); flower form and color matches Charles Baker's description in the OW; the orange-red flowers with thickened leaves and winged ovaries projecting above the bases of the dorsal sepals are key features noted in the "Orchids of New Guinea" as sufficient to distinguish this from other species in the Section Pedilonum; the species is also in the book, "Orchids of Solomon Islands and Bougainville" by Lewis and Cribb with a good match to the photo shown; plant measurements are within range and the flower matches drawings in the SOF and IOSPE.***

Judging Center: CSNJC

Award Number: 20202295

Award Date: October 03, 2020

Awarded As: Dendrobium puniceum

Exhibitor entered plant as Dendrobium puniceum, a species from Papua New Guinea.


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