Dendrobium-speciosum-var-pedunculatum-2020-02-17***Determined to be Dendrobium speciosum, Intervarietal, not specified (Jun2020); validated with the help of Peter Adams; it is not var. pedunculatum, but an intervarietal cross of D. speciosum, possibly between var. pedunculatum or var. boreale with var. curvicaule; exactly what intervarietal cross is cannot be ascertained from its appearance alone, the exact provenance of this plant would be required; there is no plant like this found in the wild; the plant does not fit with any known variety, especially not a true pedunculatum, which has a clump of flowers with far less flowers per raceme as does this plant; small flowers compared with other varieties, a variable peduncle length and short robust canes, which this plant does not.***

Judging Center: Mid-Atlantic

Award Number: 20204460

Award Date: February 08, 2020

Awarded As: Dendrobium speciosum var pedunculatum


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