Dendrobium-guibertii-2022-06-19***Confirmed as Dendrobium guibertii (Jun 2022); Den. guibertii, Den. griffithianum and Den. densiflorum are very similar in flower morphology; one of the key discriminators is in the form of the pseudobulbs; Den. guibertii has elongate, thin canes whereas, Den griffithianum has shorter, stout, clavate pseudobulbs; Den. guibertii also has much longer inflorescences;  Den. guibertii has much darker lip color than does Den. densiflorum, which has a lip color the same or slightly darker than the sepals and petals; this plant has all the features described for D. guibertii.***

Judging Center: FNCJC

Award Number: 20221072

Award Date: June 11, 2022

Awarded As: Dendrobiuum guibertii

This plant was submitted as Dendrobium guibertii.
Research showed that there is a prior award to Dendrobium griffithianum var. guibertii, so the team was unclear on what the difference was between the two so wanted it verified through SITF


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