Dracula venefica

Dracula venefica

This species received a CHM in February of 2008 and it's just
resurfacing again. Apparently the exhibitor wasn't aware that CHM's need
verfication from someone on our list.
The desciption is:
Dracula venefica 'Harold', CHM/AOS 2008
Five flowers and seven buds displayed around circumference of a clean
plant grow in a 15-cm wooden basket; sepals cream-color striped and
spotted raspberry red, coalesced centrally, tinged copper centrally,
caudae deep raspberry red; petals striped raspberry red centrally,
apices brown; hinged lip baby pink; column yellow; substance soft;
texture hirsute.
Natural spread 9.3cm horizontal x 9.3cm vertical
Dorsal sepal 1.4cm wide x 5.0cm long
Lateral sepals 1.6cm wide x 5.2cm long
Petals Not measured
Lip 0.5cm wide x 0.7cm long

Dear Paul and Harold.
I have a result from the Species Identification Task Force. All I know is that it was awarded in Philadelphia in February of 2008. I have no award number. I don’t even know what center, so if I am sending this to the wrong center chair, please excuse me, and suggest who I should send it to.

Dracula venefica, Award number xxxxcccc , has been confirmed to be Dracula venefica by SITF, Sept 2009, with assistance from Gary Meyer. Dracula venefica is currently considered to be a spontaneous hybrid that occurred in a cultivated collection.

You can now process the award, please include both sentences above in with the award when you send it in.


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