Elleanthus-blatteus-2021-08-20***Confirmed as Elleanthus blatteus (Sep 2021); matches descriptions and photos in OW and IOSPE; originally described in the "Flora of Ecuador" No. 9, Garay 1978; Also matches photos in orchidroots.com; drawing and photo may be found in "Native Orchids of Ecuador" Vol. 2 Dodson 2001.***

Judging Center: chicago judging center

Award Number: 20212599

Award Date: August 14, 2021

Awarded As: Elleanthus blatteus

Plant from Ecuagenera Nursery - please see the online provisional award for more detailed description and measurements of the sepals - we saw these in the wild on trip to Ecuador near town of Zamora - Characteristic kidney shaped ruffled lip encompasses the column, column has two white 'ears' at the tip on or near the anther cap. Dissected pictures wilted a bit - I have new inflorescence which should bloom shortly and will add more if needed.


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