Ellenathus-lentii-2019-08-02***Determined to be Elleanthus capitatellus, not E. lentii (Nov 2020); E. lentii and E. capitatellus are similar; however, in E. lentii the rachis is nearly spherical and in E. capitatellus it is subcapitate; the rachis in this plant more closely fits E. capitatellus; the lip of this plant is broad and fimbriated with fairly long hairs which closely match the E. capitatellus photo on the IOSPE; also, the bracts of this plant and of E. capitatellus are purple***

Judging Center: CSNJC

Award Number: 20191302

Award Date: July 27, 2019

Awarded As: Ellenathus lentii

Vendor is Andy's Orchids, Encinitas, CA

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 48 cm

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: 8

Plant > Leaf Length: 11

Plant > Leaf Width: 2.4

Plant > Leaf Shape: lanceolate, plicate


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