Epigeneium-chapaense-Bonheur-2018-01-17**Confirmed as Dendrobium brunneum (Sept 2018)***

Judging Center: California Sierra Nevada

Award Number: 20171290

Award Date: October 04, 2017

Awarded As: Epigeneium chapaense 'Bonheur' ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

I am including the award pictures to complete the submission. When this award was submitted in December, it showed only the name and very little additional data. Latter, the additional data WITHOUT the images appeared in the blog. So I am entering them so we can make a call on this one. There will be problems arising from the processing of this one . First of all the obvious : Epigeneium chapaense Gagnep., Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat., sér. 2, 4: 596 (1932). This name is a synonym. Accepted Name: Dendrobium brunneum Schuit. & Peter B.Adams, Muelleria 29: 65 (2011). Then there is 20171541 Although there seems to be a problem with the link in the blog http://www.aos.org/sitf-blog/dendrobium-brunneum-2017-11-08.aspx This CBR was cleared by SITF before California Sierra Nevada tried to post theirs and it is in Orchid Plus .


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